Pre-Departure Traveller COVID-19 Swab

Our clinic has been a PHPC clinic since February and a SASH (Swab-And-Send-Home) clinic since April as we participate in the fight against COVID-19 locally. We are pleased to now offer pre-departure traveller COVID-19 swab as one of the pilot clinics in this scheme.

This pre-departure swab is subject to certain requirements as stipulated on the Safetravel website As of today, we can only swab travellers who have the following documentation/approval: 1) approved for reciprocal green lane (RGL) for China, 2) approved for reciprocal green lane (RGL) for Malaysia, 3) pre-approved business pass from MTI and 4) other approvals from government agencies or ministries.

*Update* Application for approval for pre-departure tests can be done via

Please contact the clinic in advance to check the day and time of swab. The timing of swab depends on the country you are travelling to. There is also a cut-off time and date we need to do the swab, to allow the swab result and memo to reach you before your departure. We will also need to verify whether you fulfil the requirements for the pre-travel swab.

If the swab date and time falls outside our clinic hours, we will redirect you to another clinic in the list. So it is important you contact us a few days in advance.

The swab is charged at $200 Nett. No additional consult charge.

Call us at 65927080 or email us at

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