Screen For Life

Amidst our war against COVID-19, it is easy to forget there are other ailments that afflict us. One of them is diabetes and many Singaporeans are at risk of developing diabetes in their lifetime.

At Crossroads, we are strong proponents of the Screen For Life programme ( – a health screening programme heavily subsidized by the government. If you are a Singaporean aged 40 and above, you are entitled to screen for high blood pressure, high cholesterol and diabetes at a subsidized cost of $0 – $5 (depending on whether you hold any CHAS card).

You can also take part in the programme if you are below 40. Do the DRA ( Diabetic Risk Assessment) today and find out if you are at risk of developing diabetes. If you are at risk, you will also be entitled to do the same SFL health screening at the subsidized rate.

Call us at 65927080 to book an appointment, or talk to our doctor to find out more about SFL/DRA.

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