We are a Healthier SG Clinic

We are proud to be part of the new Healthier SG initiative starting this year. Under Healthier SG, the Ministry of Health wants to help Singaporeans take steps towards better health. The focus is on preventive care and chronic care. Singaporeans are encouraged to screen for chronic diseases, take charge of their health and lead a healthy lifestyle. Those with chronic diseases like diabetes, hypertension and diabetes are encouraged to follow-up with one clinic to foster a long term doctor-patient relationship and for better continuity of care.

Our resident doctors – Dr Quah and Dr Ong (lady doctor) are senior family physicians with more than 10 years of clinical experience. They are adept at managing chronic diseases having spent many years in the polyclinic managing such conditions.

For more information about Healthier SG and its benefits, kindly go to the official MOH Healthier SG website.

If you are our regular patient already seeing us for chronic conditions, you can start enrolling with us from May 2023 onwards. To enrol, just walk in to our clinic and our friendly clinic assistants will assist you accordingly. All other patients can choose to enrol with us from July 2023 onwards.

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