We are a CHAS and MediSave accredited clinic!

We are pleased to announce that we are a CHAS and MediSave accredited  clinic since January 2020.

You can now use your CHAS cards, Merdeka Generation card or Pioneer Generation card at our clinic. All these cards entitle you to subsidies for chronic disease management. Examples of chronic diseases include but not limited to: high blood pressure, diabetes and pre-diabetes, high cholesterol, asthma. With the exception of the CHAS green card, these cards also entitle you to subsidies for common acute illnesses like common cold, headache and diarrhoea etc.

You are also entitled to recommended age-appropriate health screening under the Screen for Life (SFL) programme.

The other benefit of holding on to a CHAS card (Green/Orange/Blue/MG/PG) is that it allows you to be referred by our doctor to specialists in restructured hospitals (eg. SGH, CGH, TTSH etc) as a subsidized patient. This saves you the hassle of going down to the polyclinic just to get a subsidized referral letter.

You can also utilize your MediSave for your healthcare expenses, namely approved vaccinations and chronic disease management. (MediSave cannot be used for common acute illnesses)

Learn more about SFL, CHAS, Merdeka Generation and Pioneer Generation healthcare benefits at https://www.chas.sg/

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